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Real Name- Kevin Ross Adkisson.  Birthday- May 15,1957.BirthPlace- Belleville Illinois. Birth Sign- Tarus. Hair Color- Brown. Eye Color- Brown. Hight- 6foot2. Weight-220 High School- Lake Dallas. Collage- North Texas State UNIVERSITY. sPORT- fOOTBALL. Wrestling Debut- Auguest 1976. vs/ Paul Parsman (Buddy Rose) 
Kevin is Married  and has 4 kid's he now live's in Texas on his ranch. he is raseing cattle for a liveing.
i wish him and his family well.


Kevin was on RAW'S Homecomming  this past monday night.  he preformed the IRON Claw  on the show.  Dallas fan's  were plesently suprised .  this was truley a once  in a life time  experince. he still looks the same as he always has. he hasent aged a bit. 


Real Name- David Allen Adkisson. Birthday - July 22 ,1958 Birth Place - Denton County Texas. Birth Sign - Leo.  Hair Color - Aubn. Eye Color - Blue. Hight- 6FOOT 7.  Weight- 235.  Collage- North  Texas State University.  Sport Football/ Basketball.  Wrestling Debut April 1997. First match in Japan- May 10,1984.  Indcted to RSPW Hall of Fame in 1995.
David passed away Febuary 10,1984