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Thank you all for  visiting the von erich album.  they will never be forgotten with fans like you. ve1fan





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This site is decated to the The Von Erich's . a Family of Wrestlers who were decated to there fan's . WCCW'S First Family of Wrestling. Fritz Von Erich started the Family Bussness and his son's David , Kevin,Kerry ,Mike and Chirs soon falowed there Father into the Family bussness. David to his fan's was The Yellow Rose of Texas. Kevin was There Golden Warrior.Kerry was the Texas Tornado.  Mike and Chris were the youngest of the family and both had heart's of Warriors. together The Von Erich's took the wrestling world by storm. relive the memory's they left us with in the photos of this site. they will never be forgotten.
this site is just one fan's way of sharing the memorys Please sign my guest book and let me know what you think about the site VE1FAN